What will be your legacy?

When I was a new convert it bother me to go to church by myself.  I would look around at all the families sitting by me and I felt so alone. My husband wasn’t saved at the time and my daughter was only 5 months old. I would look at the grandparents sitting next to their kids and grand kids and I longed for roots of my own. I ache for my own parents and grandparents to fill the pews beside me. I wanted to be apart of a legacy.

There is a well about 2 miles from ancient Shechem.  It was hewn out of rock by hand some four thousand years ago. It would have taken a lot of hard labor to accomplish the task.  Tradition calls it Jacob’s Well. The Bible doesn’t tell us when Jacob dug it but it does say Jacob bought the land from the sons of Hamor, Shechem’s father, and he pitched his tent and built an altar there (Genesis 33:19). Scholars believe he stayed there a long while, so it would make sense for him to dig a well. In the New Testament, John chapter 4, it is at the same well , a certain Samaritan woman finds Jesus.

Jacob was willing to pay the cost, make the sacrifice, and perform the hard labor to provide water for his family and livestock. Some two thousands years later not only are his descendants still drawing water from the well but salvation is found there also.

I would like to do that. Dig a well for my descendants. I would like someone, years from now to trace their coming to know the Lord with an action of mine.   Exodus 20:6 says “ …but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.” A thousand generations, now that’s a legacy.

A legacy doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard work. Sacrifice. To be effective, it needs some planning. If we want our children’s children’s children to know the Lord it needs to start with us. We can’t fake it, or just sound like a Christian.  We need a relationship with Jesus. Read and know the Word. Pray. Share your faith with your children in everyday life. Let them hear you pray. Have them pray for you.

Luke 14:28 tells us to count the cost before starting a project. It’s going to cost us our time, our will, our everything, our surrender.   

Be diligent to carry out your plan even when you don’t feel like it. Comment to the process. It’s like you’re planting seeds. Day by day, week by week, and so on. Allow time for your seeds to grow and mature. God promises a harvest.

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Rev. Denise Much

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